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On this page you can explore our ever-growing PDF library. These ebooks, articles and various materials are here for you to benefit from at any time. They make excellent resources for any individual looking to improve themselves and their surroundings. 

We are affiliates for various businesses, organizations and individuals that we  believe in and want to share with the world. We provide links to many of these entities for your own reference and convenience.  Collective Vibration partners ONLY with whom we trust and recognize as beings dedicated to creating a better world. 

Feel free to recommend affiliates you think would fit Collective Vibration or submit to become one yourself at our Contact Us page. Enjoy the Library!




25 Surprisingly Toxic Everyday Products to Stop Feeding Your Body

10 Signs Your Mouth Could Be Making You Sick

Top 20 Herbal Remedies to Beat Chronic Illness

15 Natural Ways to Supercharge Your Energy

Top 17 Nutrients for Gut Repair

Natural Remedies for Common Health Problems

Mental & Emotional   Well-Being

27 Anxiety Busting Strategies

Help With Anxiety

Top 10 Nutrients For Toxin Support and Anxiety Relief

Reduce Stress, Feel Better

Esoteric Practices

Qi Gong: Ancient Chinese Healing Secrets

Wisdom of the Body

20 Ways to Build Resilience

An Introduction to Numerology

An Introduction to Astrology

Link to Free Mind Power Newsletter From Our Friends at Centerpointe!

Home, Garden
& Beyond!

Energy Hygiene

Double Your Vegetables In Half the Garden Space

23 Surprising Household Items That Cause Cancer and Chronic Disease

Your First Step to Grow Your Own Organic Vegetables

30 Easy Delicious Superfood Recipes

Quick Guide to Preserving and Storing Your Harvest

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