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A Siren's Song

I once breathed as one with the dead of night

I once imagined myself enamored with the neon lights aglow

in the seedy and soiled city streets below

I once closed my weary eyes on a rooftop tower

high above the concrete jungle kingdom

I once became transfixed, hanging intently on every intimate note

of the mournful, melancholy melody ringing through my bones

from atop the asphalt wild wasteland did I hear

a siren's song so woefully enchanting and angelic in my ear

I once decided to take a walk that midnight hour

to saunter and wander like a nomadic vagabond

to expel the drudgery and doldrums of my restless mind

I once set out in search of that rapturous Lion Lullaby

but no honey sweet birdsong did I find

only the deranged stammered mutterings

of a prophetic and broken man of better days now behind

preaching apocalyptic truth for any ear to hear

I once stood with the stillness of a cigar store Indian in the pouring rain

turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to police sirens, barking dogs, and drunken brawls

captivated by the wisdom of perceived madness

I once dropped my eyes and began to weep

as the old man's words cut lamentably to my heart

I once destroyed the daisy beneath my feet

marching behind as the Funeral Song percussion played

I once beheld such a visage, I stood agape

at this maddened and maniacal cherub sent from heaven to enlighten my soul

I once stood silent in the deluging downpour

listening to the pure and powerful echo of St. Paul's poem

Under Day-Glo light, to my delight, my ears did hear a most entrancing verse recite

I once breathed as one with the dead of night

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