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Welcome to our Community!

Whether you stay or not, we're gonna love you anyway.

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Collective Vibration is an organization created and dedicated to raising

the vibration of the collective conscious. 

We are a community of like minded individuals and groups who believe in freedom,

joy and purposeful connection to Earth. 

Our mission is to empower every human being we connect with through awareness and love.

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You're getting loved, and that's final!

Peace within = Peace without

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Half way through the year already?

Look, whatever it is you want to do you better just fucking do it. There's just simply only so much time.

YOU have the power  to make   YOUR   dreams come true




Check Out These Amazing Resources!

(Trusted by us)

Kids Gardening

The Grow Network

This incredible organization is dedicated to making homegrown food happen on every home table. 
Become an expert in everything from gardening to home medicine.

Hand Gester

Holosync Meditation from   Centerpointe Research Institute

If you've never heard of Bill Harris, he is an inspiration of ours. An incredible human being who left a legacy of self improvement techniques behind him. Take a moment to try out a free sample of Holosync. If you want to know what meditation can do for you, this is your chance!

Herbal Medicine


If there was ever a source of trusted, researched and scientifically proven informational content, it would be these guys. A dedicated team of truth seekers on a mission to empower the world with alternative medicine science.

Socrates Gold

Glenn Meder is an independent voice and research enthusiast. He has incredible insights into economical standpoints, constitutional upholding, and all things preparedness. He has a free weekly newsletter he provides and it is indeed, gold. 

Also check out "Cherish Our Constitution"

Garden Soil

Stone of the month!

One beautiful stone! Found all throughout the world, fluorite is a wonderful stone for socializing and learning new things. It is said to aid in memory and help people through times of self change. Gain some clarity this month with any gorgeous variety of Fluorite!

Rainbow Fluorite.jpg

Rainbow Fluorite

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